7 African Entrepreneurs Transforming The Business Landscape

Drew Durbin is the founder and CEO of Wave Mobile Money, a money transfer service for individuals and businesses to send and receive funds around the world. In 2021, Drew and team members raised $200 million in Series A equity funding with a 2021 valuation of $1.7 billion.

Drew Durbin is a Senegalese serial tech entrepreneur and Wave is an affordable mobile money service transforming the African business narrative through financial inclusion. Drew told Billionaire Africa that Wave is a better, much cheaper mobile money service than telecom.

After securing $170 million in Series C equity funding from Olugbenga GB Agboola in 2021, Flutterwave is changing the payments landscape globally. According to Crunchbase, Flutterwave is a Nigerian financial technology company that offers digital payments to global merchants. The company enables cross-border transactions and payments for small and large businesses worldwide.

Olugbenga GB Agboola is co-founder and chief executive officer of Flutterwave and has raised the company’s valuation to $3 billion. According to Tech Crunch, the highly rated African startup’s valuation rose after raising $250 million in a Series D round in 2022.

Samuel Ajiboyede is CEO of Zido Global, a freight and distribution company transforming freight transportation for carriers and shippers worldwide. Zido Global improves the efficiency of cargo transportation with big data and a simplified logistics system. The private company is pioneering the digital freight brokerage industry and changing the narrative for Africa.

Samuel Ajiboyede is a startup tech entrepreneur, established financial thought leader, business strategist and disruptive digital innovator. Raising $3 million to solve logistical problems for companies and individuals, Zido Global signed a $10 million annual deal in 2021 with one of Africa’s largest conglomerates.

Shivani Siroya is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Tala, a financial technology startup dedicated to helping traditionally underserved people save and grow. According to LinkedIn, Tala is a fintech company with a financial system that works for everyone. The digital lenders in these low-interest-rate emerging markets lend to those with no formal credit history.

Shivani Siroya quit her investment banking job at Silicon Valley Bank and founded Tala in 2011. The company raised $145 million to expand the business in 2021, and the app is a great way to get credit when you need it.

JUMO’s Founder and CEO, Andrew Watkins-Ball, is a South African entrepreneur with a tremendous reputation in the business world. Andrew has 20 years of experience scaling businesses and raising capital in the technology and financial services sectors. According to Crunchbase, JUMO is one of the best market-leading Banking-as-a-Service platforms that provides fast access to funds with low operational costs.

Andrew Watkins-Ball founded JUMO in 2015 and the company raised an impressive US$120 million in equity funding from investors such as Fidelity, Kingsway Capital, Visa, etc. JUMO is present in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana. and the company is aiming for global expansion with the recent financing.

Tauriq Keraan is the Chief Executive Office of TymeBank, South Africa’s first digital bank offering money transfer services and transactional accounts to its customers. According to Tech Crunch, TymeBank improves financial access and use for small businesses and individuals to encourage economic participation.

The company received its license from the South African Reserve Bank in 2017 and provided educational apps and savings accounts to customers.

Tauriq Keraan has an extreme passion for the finance and technology industry and founded TymeBank in 2015. The company raised $109 million in 2021 and announced investments from investors including CDC and Tencent.

Dare Okoudjou is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MFS Africa, a global financial technology startup streamlining the money transfer and payments industry. According to Tech Cabal, MFS Africa is clarifying whether a phone number can receive money from a regulatory perspective. The company can also define currencies that the number can receive and applicable exchange rates.

Dare Okoudjou completed an engineering and physics scholarship in Morocco before gaining startup experience in New York. MFS Africa raised $100 million through debt and equity and planned to make mobile money transfer as easy as making a phone call.

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