A new arts and entertainment service covers the north of the country –

An Adirondack publishing house has launched a new, faster and more flexible way to send and receive news about the North Country arts and entertainment scene.

Adirondack A&E, or ADK A&E, is a powerful guide to online arts and entertainment resources and information for Adirondacks, covering arts and crafts galleries, performing arts – including theater , concerts and musical performances – museums, restaurants, discotheques and brasseries.

ADK A&E helps artists and venues publicize their events on the one hand, while on the other hand providing a go-to guide for people looking for interesting things to see and do. It includes a tri-weekly electronic newsletter for subscribers and a website with a directory of arts and entertainment establishments and organizations, as well as a schedule of shows, activities and events within the Blue Line. Each issue of e-News is also archived on the website, with a search function to locate past articles of interest.

ADK A&E is a sister publication to Jay Community News, a donation-focused e-newsletter serving the greater Ausable River Valley, with nearly 3,000 subscribers and a consistent open rate of over 50%. It was the success of Jay Community News that gave Tim and Beth Rowland, editors of JCN and founders of ADK A&E, the idea.

“Instead of a static calendar or guide, ADK A&E is a dynamic platform that allows theaters, galleries and others to communicate quickly and directly with a targeted audience hungry for news and entertainment ideas” , said Beth Rowland.

“We saw the real need for a service like JCN for the arts community, aimed at both consumers and producers of arts and entertainment. We hope people will turn to ADK A&E to explore all the vibrant arts and entertainment community the Adirondacks has to offer,” Rowland continued. “And we invite organizations and individuals to share their information and events with us, either by uploading it themselves to the website or by sending it to us at [email protected].”

As is the case with Jay Community News, ADK A&E is donation-driven, which means there is no charge to post or subscribe to the newsletter.

Early response to ADK A&E has been great, with subscriber numbers growing daily largely through word of mouth.

Rebecca Kelly, Chair of Essex County Arts Council, said: “Essex County Arts Council is delighted to support Adirondacks A&E as a new way to connect with the arts and entertainment community and we look forward to future collaboration as we share our own activities and hear what other artists and bands are up to.

Those wishing to receive the free e-News can register on the website at adirondackaande.com and explore both the Directory and the Events Calendar.

Press releases and other information can be downloaded from the website or sent to [email protected].

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