Andy Cohen jokes that he’ll ‘torch’ CNN with a New Year’s Eve

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Party life! Andy Cohen has no plans to limit alcohol consumption while co-hosting CNN shows New Year’s Eve Live with boyfriend AndersonCooper.

“It’s fun for me because I’m a guest on CNN, so I’m like a visitor,” Cohen, 54, said. rolling stone in an interview published on Wednesday, December 28. “I’m just going to go back to Bravo at 12:30 a.m. and get it over with.”

The longtime Bravo host and producer joked, “And so I can kind of burn the place down while I’m at it and then leave.”

the Watch what’s happening live! With Andy Cohen The star further explained that her “job” on the annual New Year’s Eve show is to “get Anderson out of her comfort zone” and have a good time.

“My job is to be a party cheerleader for everyone watching on New Years Eve,” Cohen told the outlet. “And that’s what I will continue to do.”

The Missouri native has worked alongside Cooper, 55, since the 2017-18 show. While BFFs are known for fending off jabs on camera, it wasn’t until the 2021-22 show that Cohen really made waves for her shenanigans.

the Radio Andy the host turned heads in January when he threw shade at Ryan Seacrest and his work on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve an event.

“If you look behind me, you’ll see Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers playing. … I’m sorry but if you watch ABC, you’re not watching anything,” Cohen said at the time. “We were sprayed with confetti from the fake Journey on ABC. If it’s not Steve Perry, it doesn’t count! You understand? This is not travel! It’s propaganda! It’s propaganda! This is not travel! This is not travel! No, it wasn’t Journey. Steve Perry is Journey.

the real housewives producer, who also dissed the then mayor of New York Bill de Blasiolater confessed he regretted his shot at Seacrest, 48.

“He’s a really nice guy. And I was – as they say – in my cups, and I was kind of enjoying the rant. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s really fun to be on CNN just ranting like a psycho. It’s fun,” Cohen said on The Howard Stern Show in January. “So I went on and felt bad and texted Ryan the next morning.”

CNN later released a statement supporting Cohen, noting that even though the TV personality “said something he shouldn’t have said on live TV,” the network was “looking forward to seeing him again next year.” next “.

Last month, The variety reported that CNN President Chris Licht planned to sober up New Year’s Eve Live following the 2021-22 controversy. Cohen, however, said the WWHL in November that he was going to “party harder” than ever.

“What [Chris Licht] said he didn’t want pen pals drinking, but wanted Anderson and I to do our thing,” the former Millionaire matchmaker the producer said the Hollywood journalist amid speculation that the new guidelines were aimed at him. “So I’m happy to do our thing. My only directive for years on CNN has been to have fun on New Years Eve, and that’s absolutely what I plan to do.

Cohen doubled down on his party plans while speaking with rolling stone Wednesday, confirming that “CNN said correspondents won’t be drinking.”

He clarified that he and Cooper “will be the party people on CNN,” adding that they would do it “responsibly.”

the The most talkative the author added, “And in fact, if pen pals aren’t drinking this year, I’ll be partying even more on their behalf.”

Seacrest, for his part, said Weekly entertainment on Monday, December 26, that he does not “advocate drinking while on the air”. the Live! With Kelly and Ryan cohost added: “I don’t know how it started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back]CNN.

New Year’s Eve Live airs on CNN Saturday, Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. ET.

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