BBMP Marshals to inspect garbage truck drivers at county collection points every day

After three fatal accidents in the last month, vehicles are to be checked for suitability certificates

After three fatal accidents in the last month, vehicles are to be checked for suitability certificates

A day after another garbage truck was involved in an accident that killed a 40-year-old woman, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has decided to ensure that all garbage trucks in its fleet and those of the contractors are certified from the traffic office. There have been three fatal accidents involving garbage trucks in the last month alone.

Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta said on Tuesday it is among a series of measures that need to be taken to ensure such accidents do not happen again.

Marshals had been given the additional responsibility of inspecting refuse truck drivers, both BBMP and contractors, at station collection points each day.

Additional training is provided to drivers when required, whether or not they report directly to the BBMP.

Older vehicles may only drive if they have a certificate of suitability issued by the responsible regional traffic officer. “In the new garbage tenders, which will be launched shortly, we will introduce a clause that only new vehicles should be included in the fleet. Until the new tenders are published and finalized, contractors must ensure that all existing vehicles have a valid certificate of suitability. If the medical certificate is not valid, we will take stricter action against the affected contractor,” he said, adding that city officials have also been instructed to conduct random checks.

Earlier this month, a 60-year-old farmer riding a bicycle was hit by a speeding truck in Bagalur. On March 21, a 14-year-old Class IX student was killed while a motorcyclist and another pedestrian were injured when a speeding garbage truck ran them down in Hebbal.

Recognizing that motorists tend to accelerate near overpasses and major intersections, the BBMP increases the height of medians to discourage pedestrians from crossing the road.

However, Akshaya was killed and the others injured as they were unable to use an underpass flooded with rainwater and were forced to cross the busy road.

Mr Gupta said the citizenship is also working on improving pedestrian infrastructure. “The BBMP has taken several traffic safety measures in coordination with the traffic police and the transport department,” Mr Gupta said.

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