Bhutan is keen to adopt the Delhi government’s entrepreneurship curriculum framework for schools: Sisodia

Bhutan has shown keen interest in adopting the framework of the Delhi government’s Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) in schools there, Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said on Tuesday.

The goal of this collaboration is to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in Bhutanese students and prepare them for future challenges, he said, adding that an orientation meeting with officials from Bhutan’s Ministry of Education was held on Tuesday in the presence of dignitaries from the Himalayan nation.

“It’s good to see a movement to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset among students gaining momentum. The Delhi Government is very proud that the Entrepreneurship curriculum will now reach students beyond the borders of India,” said Sisodia.

“This cooperation will further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries and give us the opportunity to learn from the revolutionary ideas of the Bhutanese Department of Education in the field of student assessment, inclusive education and curriculum design,” he said.

Sisodia, who is also Delhi Education Minister, said that the Delhi government has learned a lot from Bhutan since the Happiness Curriculum was launched.

“We are deeply inspired by the Bhutanese government and the importance they place on the happiness of Bhutanese people. Developing the EMC was the second step in our Happiness Curriculum aimed at developing a happy and economically healthy nation,” he said.

According to Bhutanese Education Ministry officials, the EMC was rolled out in their schools last year and they saw a great opportunity to learn from the Delhi government’s EMC model and the world’s largest student-led startup program, Business Blasters.

“Covid has been devastating for all of us and has taught us lessons about insecurities. In such a situation, it is important for us to teach our children to become professionally healthy and to prepare them to face any challenge in life. Curricula like EMC will help our students improve their skills, thought processes and ideas so they can support themselves and the country,” said Wangpo Tenzin, Acting Director, Curriculum and Professional Development Department, Ministry of Education, Bhutan.

Adoption of the Delhi government’s framework for EMC will make children economically informed, he said.

“I firmly believe that this collaboration will be an opportunity for Bhutanese teachers to learn more about pedagogical practices to successfully instill an entrepreneurial mindset in the students in the country,” he added.


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