Get a stronger retirement plan

Who knew we could glean financial insights from the World’s Strongest Man contest?

If you’ve seen it recently, you’ll know that the winner was a 28-year-old Scotsman named Tom Stoltman – all 6ft 8in tall and 384lbs.

This year’s competition proved that if you ever have an 18-ton bus blocking your driveway, Tom is your man. Just give him a big rope and step back.

To say Tom is “strong” is an understatement. It’s a freak of nature.

And yet, as strong as Tom is, he would never be able to overtake a team of 100 men of average strength.

And this is where we find an unexpected bit of financial wisdom.

When it comes to old-age provision, the “strong man” is usually considered an investment in shares. For example, let’s say you do this over the long term and get a 10% return.

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