Innovare Hosts 4th Annual Quantum Information Science Workshop

ROME – Innovare Advancement Center, 592 Hangar Road, will host the 4th Annual Quantum Information Science (Q4I) Workshop through Thursday.

Q4I is a global connectivity initiative aimed at creating an open ecosystem of government, academic and industry collaborators who are shaping the future of quantum innovation.

The workshop is hosted by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, at the Griffiss Institute’s Innovare Advancement Center in partnership with State Technology Enterprise Corporation and the State University of New York.

Q4I attendees hear from thought leaders, top researchers, industry executives, higher education leaders, and students as they present different pathways to engage in science. quantum information.

“We are thrilled to once again welcome pioneers from the quantum community to the annual Q4I workshop where they will learn, collaborate and network with other experts on innovations in the field,” said Michael Hayduk, Deputy Director of the Air Force Research Laboratory. — Directorate of Information. “The Air Force continually supports this workshop as it is an effective and efficient platform on which to build our nation’s quantum capability, as part of a global initiative to create an open ecosystem of government collaborations. , academic and industrial.

This year’s program features two keynote speakers. The first speaker was Jungsang Kim, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science at Duke University. Kim has led several collaborative research and development projects at the frontier of fundamental quantum computing technologies at Duke since 2004. The second speaker is Wojciech Kozlowski, quantum network engineer at QuTech. At QuTech, Kozlowski leads the engineering of the institute’s quantum network software stack and full-stack integration efforts.

He is also co-chair of the QIRG at the IRTF.

Q4I attendees will also be able to attend technical sessions focused on quantum networking and computing, with industry leaders from NASA, IBM, Google, Rigetti, Honeywell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute at Marcy, Cornell University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Delft University of Technology.

“The Griffiss Institute is thrilled to host the fourth annual Q4I workshop at the Innovare Advancement Center right here in central New York,” said Heather Hage, President and CEO of the Griffiss Institute. “The work being done here this week advances our mission to open the crossroads between talent and technology for our partners. You can truly feel the excitement as the best and the brightest converge to share their proudest and look to the future to make sure America stays on the cutting edge.

Quantum networking and computing workshops at Q4I will range from benchmarking and error mitigation to machine learning and chemical applications. Researchers will present their work in poster sessions and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to MoD officials.

The workshop will also present an opportunity for potential partners to learn how and when to collaborate and contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory on their work. Participants will discover how to navigate the processes, procedures, and productive pathways to bring their concepts to life for military and commercial purposes.

“We are proud to support the Q4I Workshop as it aligns perfectly with our mission to advise clients on how to use technology to achieve their goals and achieve real results,” said Kevin Owens, President and CEO of NYSTEC management. “It’s in our interest – and the interest of the nation – to give current and future customers the tools they need to successfully bring quantum solutions to market, in partnership with the Air Force and other players that the Griffiss Institute brings to the table.”

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