Interactive and engaging picture book teaches toddlers about science and the importance of their eyes

Dr. Haitham Ahmed believes children crave science and learning, so he wanted to create books to help inspire a love of science. It is for this reason that he is now publishing his sixth book in “The Little Doctors” series, “Ophthalmology for Babies and Toddlers: A Lift-the-Flap Book about the Eyes” (published by Archway Publishing).

This hardback book provides the perfect introduction to the wonders of the human body. This interactive book teaches toddlers the importance of the eyes, one of the body’s most vital organs. The eyes help everyone to see the beauty of the world. Through words and pictures, this children’s board book also captures the imagination, sparks curiosity, and facilitates a love of science in the next generation.

An excerpt from the book says:

“To see things, we need to have light.

When you open your eyes, light enables sight.

If you close your eyes, it’s pitch black.”

“Babies love to see colors and they love flip books. This will be an exciting and engaging way for them to learn about their vision, their eyes and how the human body works. Children are like sponges. They absorb everything they learn. They’re also incredibly curious about their bodies and the world. So if they’re going to learn anyway, why not learn something useful?” says Ahmed. “It’s never too early to ignite a love of science and nurture the intellectual curiosity of your budding genius! For more details on the book, please visit Babies-Toddlers-Lift-Flap/dp/166571946X

“Ophthalmology for Babies and Toddlers: A Flip Book on the Eyes”

By Dr Haitham Ahmed

Hardcover | 6×6 inches | 34 pages | ISBN 9781665719469

E-book | 34 pages | ISBN 9781665719476

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Dr. Haitham Ahmed is an American physician and children’s book author with a passion for early science education. He did his medical training at Dartmouth Medical School and his graduate training at Harvard University. He completed a residency and fellowship in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine, both at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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