Korie Minkus Giving Back to Women Entrepreneurs from BE… A collaborative book guaranteed to change your life

Rock Your Product® CEO, International Spokesperson and Global Business Advisor Korie Minkus, has partnered with the award-winning TV Producer and No Life-Changing Knowledge in Female Entrepreneurship, empowering women to define their divine feminine mindset in business.

One of the collective voices in the book Be… From passion and purpose to product and wealtha groundbreaking self-assessment and business book that redefines success for women entrepreneurs, is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur, entrepreneur advocate and culture changer, Korie Minkus. She is the CEO and founder of Rock Your Product®, the #1 global product consulting and growth training firm. One of Korie Minkus’ inspirations in writing this book was to convey her message that business is not linear but quantitative and that by consciously optimizing their energies an entrepreneur can better achieve their desired outcome.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Minkus says acquiring business acumen, learning the systems and discovering the sequence of business development are necessary parts of what makes a successful journey. Minkus has experienced this firsthand, delivering measurable results for her clients worldwide, generating over a billion in sales and training over 100,000 entrepreneurs in thirty-two countries. As a trusted business advisor working with Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands, Minkus strategically supports entrepreneurs seeking growth and the scale of their business impact. As she describes, “…with this professional expansion comes the need for business owners to activate their divine feminine energies, beginning with innate wisdom and supreme intuition. This is said to work in harmony with the masculine qualities of decision-making, self-confidence, and assertiveness. If you consciously optimize the collective of the feminine and masculine energies in harmony and allow these energies to coexist, you can fill up on your full potential.”

In the past two years, more than two million women have left the corporate workforce in search of a work-life balance. On a mission to achieve this balance, a major migration has resulted in what is now four hundred million founders, CEOs and innovators worldwide. An unprecedented number of women currently make up forty percent of all entrepreneurs worldwide. With these strong numbers and more women entrepreneurs striving to succeed, the demand for tailored business support is huge.

What better way to inspire others than three successful business women coming together as a united force and leading others the way to improve their belief system, redefine success as an entrepreneur and unleash their divine femininity? The book BE… was written as a collaboration; It’s a book of reflective knowledge, self-discovery, and success stories that encourage business owners, created by businesswomen who have each found their own path to becoming fulfilled in their lives. “Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to re-energize, be inspired, rise to a new level of impact, change the world, up your game or scale your business and exit with financial gain, Ashley, Lisa and I have worked together weaving our commonalities, shared experiences and individually unique golden threads to channel our rich passion and purpose in BE…” explains Minkus.

“Intuitively, we knew we had found the right partners in each other, and together we were poised to impact the world in big ways through the women we empower,” the authors say. Minkus adds: “Today, we continue to see rapid industry growth for the consumer goods sector around the world. Combined with the most dynamic changes in history with direct-to-consumer, digital integration and online shopping evolving at lightning speed, growth is being driven by consumer spending at an all-time high. This creates a very exciting time for leverage and scale multiples for product-based companies. Women in business face great opportunities and unique challenges – from being perceived as thought leaders to securing investor funds and balancing work and private life. The road to success can be exciting while being lonely and filled with doubt.”

In BE… the authors create a supportive community for women entrepreneurs to experience authentic direction in creating their product, business and beautiful life. Ashley, Korie and Lisa share their best practices and anecdotes while preaching process over perfection. With a fifty-eight percent growth rate in women-led businesses, the authors encourage entrepreneurs to give themselves permission to experience metamorphosis and exponential growth as they engage in the BE… movement.

BEis a refreshing, engaging, interactive business book that helps female business owners break free from their limited mindset by deeply activating the entrepreneurial spirit. Korie Minkus believes that in order to excel as entrepreneurs, we need to be actionable in our mindset. “The distinctive twelve sentences purposefully placed throughout the BE… book are approximate to do. One of the realities of business or life is that you can’t just think about it. They have to be actionable,” says Minkus. These movements are all about helping business owners understand their skills and make decisions to get results. that, according to Minkus, creates a truly successful entrepreneur.

Minkus incorporates exercises, assignments and the idea of ​​movement into her everyday counseling work. This “action” creates results and moves the needle so their clients get measurable results. Just as in real life, the movements and exercises in this book will allow the reader to enter a new space, a new realm, a new space when triggered. Readers realize that by optimizing the results for themselves, they can step out of their comfort zones and discover a wealth of learning opportunities.

“My wish for BE…readers is that they fully engage and take the time needed to reflect on how they can become better for themselves, which in turn can generate a higher vibration, more energy, more zest for life, and as I like to say – lay out more in the universe as it will come back to you. We’re only present in this life for a short time, so why not make every moment as incredible as possible,” says Minkus.

BE…helps women “lean into the divine feminine energy and trust more in their innate abilities,” explains Minkus. “In business, customers borrow your trust, the louder and clearer you express your belief in yourself, your company and your product, the more influence your brand can have in growing market share and gaining consumer approval.” This is a fundamental principle in Kories’ counseling practice and a recurring theme BE… Identify and build on your strengths and become a more confident entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can develop advanced decision-making skills through awareness and action. “What I do with my clients every day is help them trust more in their innate abilities through education, awareness and performance,” Minkus claims.

“BEit is about discovering your self-journey. It is a path to passion that enables you to get more desired outcomes from your life. All entrepreneurs deserve the opportunity to live a meaningful life, find creative solutions, build a business that inspires them, and BE… the entrepreneur they always wanted to be,” says Minkus.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, join the BE… Movement and discover with Ashley Black, Korie Minkus and Lisa Vrancken the continuous growth path, solutions to start and scale a masterful business and a path to personal depth through shedding limiting beliefs Be… From passion and purpose to product and wealthwill be released on June 28, 2022, published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster Publishing Company.

If you are interested in learning more about Rock Your Product® and how Korie Minkus supports entrepreneurs and owners of 6, 7 and 8 figure companies, go to www.rockyourproduct.com.

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