Man Utd’s finance chief is opposed to handing over a bigger share of Champions League revenue to smaller clubs

Manchester United chief financial officer Cliff Baty has suggested it would be unfair to reward smaller clubs with a larger share of European club competition revenue.

Expected revenue from UEFA competitions from 2024 to 2027 is £4.1bn a year and there have been calls – notably from European Leagues Group chief executive Jacco Swart – for that money to be split in solidarity with clubs taking part in the Europa League, the Europa Conference League and those who did not qualify.

Swart also said the sums awarded to clubs based on the historical coefficient and market appeal of television should be reduced. But Man Utd’s Baty believes the top clubs are the reason for such high earnings and should instead take home a larger share, insisting he would rather find another way to help smaller sides.

“I would say one thing from our point of view [the split] gives us a level of certainty that helps in terms of sustainability and all the discussions that are going on around financial sustainability and financial fair play in football,” he said.

“If you take that away, it’s going to increase volatility and it’s going to be harder for us to manage.

“And although I appreciate the feeling of wanting to give more money [to smaller clubs and those not in European competition] The cake is getting bigger [and] The reason broadcasters are paying so much money is for the product, frankly at Champions League level.

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“If you change the distribution and you want more money, I think you have to be careful what you do there. We all know where value is created, let’s face it.

“I think we should invest more money, I totally agree, but value is created at the top. So if you start changing that and make it harder for the bigger clubs to perform, it is difficult.”

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