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Nicole Richie is living the island life with her sister Sofia Richie, a few friends and a few complete strangers too. In her latest Instagram snap, the 40-year-old rocks a bathing suit as she poses for photos with loved ones and shares a video with a group of strangers. “With people I know and love and with people I don’t know at all,” she captioned the photo and video clip. How does the mother of two keep her amazing body and healthy? Read on to see 7 ways Nicole Richie stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get yourself ready for the beach, don’t miss these things 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos Ever!

A good night’s sleep is crucial, according to Richie. “Everyone does a million things, and we have to realize that self-care and rest are just as important, and you have to have that to be the best version of yourself,” she said Self. At 7:01 am she begins to get ready for bed. “I started when my kids were little and they went to bed at seven. My friends called me at 7:01 am because I was starting to decline. now [my kids] I don’t go to bed by 7 p.m. but I try to. So I start my routine with, well, it used to be tea. Now it has become wine. I’m really into Avaline wine right now. I just like to have a glass, a little squirt, and get on the couch and watch a few episodes of Yellowstone.”

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One of Richie’s self-care routines is a bath with Epsom. “Joel’s mother lives in Maryland, and she lives near an Amish community. This community makes my favorite handmade soaps. So she sends me these soaps, and these are the soaps I use in the bath at night. They’re great,” she told Selbst.

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“The most important thing I have to tell myself every day is to stretch,” she said The Zoe Report during the pandemic. “I’m on Zooms all day, sit, don’t move as much and it’s definitely harder to be active. For me, the most important thing is to stretch.”

Nicole enjoys cooking, especially “short meals” that are healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare. “I make a lot of overnight oats, lasagna, slow cooker chicken tacos and quesadillas,” she told TZR. “I like making things that last.”

When it comes to wellness, Nicole has a suggestion. “Spend time outdoors,” she revealed The Tafel Mag. “There’s an abundance of hiking trails, beaches, and ways to exercise and be outdoors,” she explained. She also takes part in training courses. Her favorites are Tracy Anderson and Core Power Yoga.

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Nicole is all about nutritional supplements. She revealed to The Chalkboard Mag that “probiotics and a digestive enzyme” are on her daily dosage list. “I love the BioK capsules,” she added.


Like many Los Angeles celebrities, Nicole drinks her fair share of juice. Her favorite is Pressed Juicery Greens 5 with fennel and cilantro, she revealed The Tafel Mag. She even manages to slip in a nutritious juice while drinking alcohol. When asked what her favorite cocktail was, she replied, “Shot of tequila with a pressed juicery citrus 2 chaser, baby!”

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