‘Resilient Entrepreneurs’ Season 2 released

Bermuda’s entrepreneurs are profiled alongside entrepreneurs from around the world in the Resilient Entrepreneurs with Two Four One podcast, created and hosted by two Bermudian women. The second season is now available.

A spokesperson said: “The Resilient Entrepreneurs with Two Four One podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google to inspire and empower business owners at every stage of business growth.

“Entrepreneurial duo Vicki Abraham and Laura Bell produced the podcast to fill a need in the community.”

Ms Bell said: “So many business owners we meet say they feel lonely and it’s not uncommon for people to question themselves, especially solopreneurs in the early stages of their business. We thought it would help people to hear from other successful entrepreneurs, to know that they had similar feelings and to hear what they did to build their resilience.”

The spokesperson said: “Season 1 of Resilient Entrepreneurs featured ten business owners from Bermuda and eight from other countries including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Local entrepreneurs included Rose Zuill, co-founder of DavidRose Studio, a leading luxury jewelry brand.

“Ms. Zuill spoke about how her company was managing the pandemic and shared memories from a decade ago when DavidRose started.”

Ms Zuill said: “The hardest decision was when to leave my full-time job, which paid me fairly well, and what to do with health insurance. I had to ask myself, “Is this the leap you’re ready to take?” You need to sit down and be honest with yourself and ask yourself, is your business profitable? do you make money Can you cover your overheads, cover all of your living expenses, and pay yourself a little? [Episode 03].

The spokesman said: “Other local entrepreneurs included: Kidist ‘Pinky’ Emery, owner of award-winning Salon Pink, a speaker and leadership mentor for team-based businesses [Episode 06]Coral Wells, Crowned Woman of the Year and Most Inspiring Woman in Information and Communications Technology [ICT] who founded the educational organization Connectech [Episode 10]Michelle Viera, who saved Soltrino & Fluid Fitness from being closed amid the pandemic [Episode 09]Giles Belfrage, Owner of Accountancy Tamer, Tutor and Small Business Accountant [Episode 21]Sandra DeSilva, Founder, CEO and Chief Software Architect of Nova Ltd, who spoke about work-life balance [Episode 15]Michelle White, owner of Executemps Bda on how to find opportunity in business [Episode 13]Nico Bean, a 14-year-old artist and Instagram hit [Episode 08]and host Laura Bell [Episode 01] and Vicky Abraham [Episode 02] each featured in an episode on resilience.

“Among the international guests were bestselling authors, award-winning specialists and consultants, international speakers and innovative entrepreneurs, all sharing techniques and insights on how to succeed in business and build resilience.

“Season 2 of the Resilient Entrepreneurs podcast featuring Two Four One has just released and begins with famed makeup artist Christina Flach, owner of Pretty Girl Makeup, who has also founded charities to raise awareness of sepsis stemming from a personal tragedy .”

Ms Bell said: “When we survey guests we focus on resilience because we believe that’s what keeps a small business alive. It’s the difference between building and growing or quitting. We all have stories to tell about our entrepreneurial journey and we can all learn from each other. We hope that if just one person feels encouraged and less alone and keeps going, this podcast has done what we intended.”

The announcer said: “This is the second podcast from the Two Four One marketing duo; Her first was Level-Up Your Marketing released in 2019 and both series are available on Apple, Google, Spotify and other popular podcast apps and can be found on her website www.twofouronetraining.com.”

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