Science subjects remain top choice among UP Board students

Students in Uttar Pradesh are more interested in science than arts or business, UP Board statistics from recent years show. A careful examination of the figures shows that the number of students pursuing intermediate studies (class 12) from the scientific stream is higher than others, indicating that becoming a doctor, engineer and scientist remains the first choice among the most upper secondary students at UP.

A look at UP Board records shows that about 13,88,181 lakh students were enrolled in the science stream for the 2022 mid-term exam, or 58% of the total 24,11,035 candidates enrolled in the class 12 exams that ended on April 13. In contrast, the number of students appearing for the exam in humanities or arts subjects was 8,91,279 lakh, or about 37 percent, according to the records.

As for the commercial stream, only 56,376 students chose it, even though 21,597 students were enrolled in the agricultural stream and 33,503 students were enrolled in the vocational stream offered by the UP Board. In 2021, out of a total of 26,10,247 registered for the intermediate examination, 15,27,442 (about 59%) were in the scientific stream while 9,32,445 (36%) were in the artistic stream.

Also in 2020 2019 and 2018 there were fewer students in arts than in science. However, 2015 was an exception to this trend of recent years. The 2015 Intermediate Examination saw more students enroll in Arts than Science. Of the 28,77,794 students who registered for Class 12 exams that year, 13,30,725 (46.24%) were in the science stream while the arts stream had 13,94,339 (48.45%) students enrolled in their subjects.

Clothing Design Most Favorite Professional Course

As far as vocational subjects are concerned, the enthusiasm of students in class 12 out of the 41 courses available to choose from concerns clothing design. Out of 33,503 students enrolled in 2022, a maximum of 3,990 applicants opted for dress design. Similarly, in 2021 out of a total of 36,517 students, 4,443 students and in 2020, 4,363 out of a total of 36,845 students opted for a clothing design course.


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