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Selma Blair’s restraining order against her ex-boyfriend has been extended.

The 50-year-old actress filed for a protective order on February 25 after alleging her ex Ronald Carlson – whom she had been dating for about even years – attacked her on February 22 and now the restrictions will remain in place until September 10 at least. , at the request of his former companion.

The ‘Cruel Intentions’ star was granted a temporary restraining order after claiming Ronald attacked and tried to strangle her, while he also sought a restraining order against Selma, accusing her of assaulting him .

There was supposed to be a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 12, but it was postponed because the criminal case against Ronald is still pending.

According to documents obtained by, Donald made a request which stated, “I request that the hearing on my injunction request be scheduled after September 10, 2022. Both parties agree.”

The judge has signed and both temporary restraining orders will remain in place until at least the requested date.

Selma previously alleged that Ronald – who she dated for around seven years – went on a rampage when he came to her house to return a TV, minutes after completing treatment for multiple sclerosis, which left her had left weak.

She alleged that he then verbally abused her, calling her “useless” and saying, “I don’t deserve this, I can do so much better than you.”

The actress claimed in court papers that he then “became enraged” and jumped “on top of her body as she lay on the sofa.”

She alleged that he “choked, choked and aggressively shook her head and shoulders”.

She said that in self-defense she put her fingers in her eyes and mouth while shouting to her housekeeper – who was upstairs – for help, but he reportedly covered her mouth and pushed his face “down into the coach”.

She claimed that she then lost consciousness briefly before another struggle which reportedly saw him slap her and push the side of her head and onto the floor, when her nose started bleeding. They say he left and she then called the Los Angeles Police Department.

She passed out and was taken to hospital in an ambulance, while Carlson was arrested that evening for alleged domestic violence with bodily harm.

But Ronald claimed his former partner lost his temper after he refused to sit next to her and started yelling at her, calling his daughter a ‘f****** loser’ before hit him in the face.

He also told the court: “Selma regularly has tantrums where she gets very angry and yells and screams or physically attacks me. Selma is on various medications, including treatment for her multiple sclerosis. I have her seen taking medication and I witnessed her mood change due to the medication she is taking.

“I have also seen her consuming cannabis drinks and smoking marijuana. Selma has experienced significant mood swings depending on what medications she takes or when she uses cannabis or marijuana.”


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