Surabhi Lakshmy says she now has the freedom to read scripts | entertainment interview

National award-winning actress Surabhi Lakshmy describes her career not as a smooth ride in an elevator, but as a slow climb up a flight of stairs. There was a time when she stopped and decided to go downstairs. However, it was then that she received the highest award in the country. The actress was then determined to continue her journey, treading the path carefully.

Even though Surabhi lives in Kochi, she goes to her home in Narikuni, Kozhikode whenever she has free time. She would return happy, with a refreshed mind and body. She finds the same kind of excitement when she does interesting characters too. She is awaiting the release of ‘Kuri’ financed by Siyad Kokker for the Kokkers Media Entertainment banner. In a candid conversation, Surabhy talks about her latest movie and the characters she wants to try out.

And ‘Kuri’?

We hope ‘Kuri’ will be lucky for all of us. The film deals with a socially relevant issue. I always look for roles that give me a chance to play. I did well with my co-stars Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Aditi Ravi.

How was your life in the cinema after winning the national prize?

I have never been part of commercial films. I wasn’t a lead actress; I was also not offered any supporting roles. I used to do roles that only required two or three days of shooting. There was a time when I thought about giving up everything. The rewards had helped ward off such thoughts. Even after winning the award, no top director in Malayalam cinema offered me amazing roles. I only want to do good roles. I don’t care about building an image.

I come from a picturesque village and I entered the industry without having any experience in films. I started my career as an artist on the stages of youth festivals, then I did plays, soap operas, blink and miss scenes in films and some good characters too. I would describe my career in movies like this.

I did ‘Minnaminungu’ in the middle of it all. I felt like I was getting a prize when they gave me the script to read. Like many, I too was surprised when I received the national award. From there, I had to start over. I made films in which I had some scenes. Then I did ‘Padma’ by Anoop Menon in which I played the title role. I am waiting for the release of amazing movies like Kuri, Thala, Jwalamukhi and Poriveyil. Previously, I only got one page of the script on the day of shooting. Now I have the freedom to read the whole script.

What do you prefer, TV series or movies?

Television series have a central role in my career. But, many people tell me that they don’t feel fresh when they watch me in movies when they are used to seeing me on the small screen. Some even mentioned it when I ask about opportunities in movies. They would then give that role to someone else in the movies. I hope this attitude will change soon.


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