How the rise of young entrepreneurs is changing the notion of youth in the business world

How the Emergence of Young Entrepreneurs is Reshaping the Notion of Youth in Biz

What is entrepreneurship? It is an act of starting a new business or venture, taking on all the risks and responsibilities involved. It is the ultimate tool to tackle almost any economic problem. Entrepreneurship’s role in fostering employment, creativity, economic growth and individual recognition, and thereby securing economic livelihoods, has made it a crucial and … Read more

El Toro Owner Recognized as Parkland Foundation’s Entrepreneur of the Year | entrepreneur

CHAMPAIGN — As Illinois restaurants were forced to close for in-person dining in the early months of the pandemic, local restaurateur Victor Fuentes started a construction company. “Pure necessity,” he recalls. The operator of the two family-owned restaurants El Toro and his new construction company DECA Holdings, Fuentes, is about to receive an award that … Read more

7 tips for startup founders from an entrepreneur-turned-VC

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Building a tech startup is a long journey full of ups and downs, and every founder has to make some important decisions along the way. Here are some tips for pitching to venture capitalists, understanding their motivation and the key “don’ts” that will make an entrepreneur’s journey … Read more

Urban League Opens Entrepreneurship Center in North St. Louis | business news

Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, on Tuesday afternoon hailed its St. Louis chapter as the “best and largest affiliate” among the 92 nationwide. He also announced that an entrepreneurship center would be opening in a former Commerce Bank building at Newstead and Natural Bridge. “They just keep building the Urban … Read more

4 habits to supercharge your digital endurance as a busy entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. The past two years have put our digital staying power to the test. Suddenly everything was digital – work, communication, networking, children’s birthday parties, you name it. On the outside, it seemed as if digital productivity had skyrocketed. In fact, we’ve had what Microsoft described as “high … Read more

Cameron Fornis Hypescale Ventures invests in budding cannabis entrepreneurs

Believe the hype and scale with Cameron Forni getty I first met Cameron Forni way back in 2017 when he invited me to dinner at Pican Restaurant in Oakland. He had the number one oil brand in Oregon at the time. It was called Select. He asked my advice on entering the California market and … Read more

5 questions to prepare for before your meeting with investors

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. New business ventures require funding, and that funding often comes from outside sources such as early-stage investors or private equity (PE) firms. Meetings with potential investors must be well prepared. Seasoned investors are looking for more than just a polished pitch deck; You are looking for passion … Read more