The ministry is training three thousand women in digital entrepreneurship

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – To commemorate Kartini Day 2022, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics conducted a training program for three thousand MSME players to empower them to become skilled digital entrepreneurs.

The event was entitled “Women in Digital Entrepreneurship” (WiDE). It has become an annual routine since 2021 and the event is part of the Digital Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) program initiated by the Research and Human Resources Development Agency of the Department of Communications and Information Technology.

“It aims to increase women’s entrepreneurship skills by teaching them how to use digital services, teaching (subjects) such as From digital financial planning, digital marketing and export to applications to efficient business management from home,” Research and Human Resources said Hary Budiarto, Development Agency of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, during the event, which was conducted online and offline and held on Thursday from Tangerang was transferred from.

Budiarto noted that the number of participants at the 2022 WiDE event tripled compared to the previous year, indicating that Indonesian women’s interest in contributing to the state has increased, not only for the local economy but also at the national level.

Women’s sheer enthusiasm should currently make them more competitive in the digital business sector than their male counterparts, promoting equality and narrowing the gap.

In addition to capacity building, this training aimed to encourage women-founded businesses to have better access to capital by training the entrepreneurs in digital financial management.

The program also aimed to attract more women into entrepreneurship, which in turn would enable them to contribute to national economic growth.

The training program also served as concrete evidence of Indonesia’s commitment to one of the three key agendas for the G20 Presidency, setting an example for other countries.

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“We have prepared this training so that women in Indonesia can be empowered, digitally literate, immerse themselves in the digital space and compete with businessmen in the global market,” he explained.

The WiDE materials, which taught women how to develop their businesses, were conducted online and could be accessed through the ministry’s YouTube channel.

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