Top 10 Data Science as a Service Provider You Need to Know in 2022

by sirisha
April 20, 2022

To bridge the gap created by misguided decisions, DSaaS companies are actively engaging.

Data is the new currency, the only difference being that it does not earn interest when stored in a data bank. In a data-driven world, businesses have realized the importance of data and have started collecting gigantic data in hopes of making foolproof decisions. A 2021 Databricks and MIT survey found that only 13% of organizations are implementing their data strategy. “Low BI maturity is a major constraint for analytics leaders trying to modernize BI,” said Melody Chien, senior analyst at Gartner. Why does this happen? In addition to having a shortage of data scientists, it is the lack of experience on the part of data scientists that forces companies to make ill-conceived data science decisions, and to fill this gap, many Data-science-a-service companies have stepped in. Here are the top 10 data science as a service companies to know about in 2022.

1. Unified

Location: Austin

A social advertising services agency, is also a leader in data and analytics, with technologies designed to change social marketing strategies. Data management and audience insights solutions are what they say are their USPs when it comes to DSaaS services. Unified has managed over $5 billion for social advertising data and brand management for large enterprises. In short, it acts as an omnichannel platform to help businesses monitor and design advertising strategies.


Location: California

Altyrix specializes in the Analytics Process Automation (APA) company that helps companies fine-tune their data strategies instead of outsourcing them. It facilitates this by unifying analytics, data science, and business process automation on a single platform and enabling companies to easily push their digital transformation strategies. In a way, their strategies, in the long term, improve the skills of the employees.


Location: Ontario, Canada

OpenText tools rely heavily on data visualization by finding pattern, relationships, and trends in data sets. Their visualization tools help understand the inherent meaning of datasets. It helps businesses of all sizes capture, manage and exchange information globally.

4. Civic analyzes

Location: Chicago

Civis Analytics specializes in helping businesses identify their target audience. With advanced technologies and top-notch data, businesses gain a competitive edge in identifying and attracting potential customers. The DSaaS provider boasts of an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, developers, and survey science experts, which puts them in an advantageous position when it comes to helping businesses essentially take data-driven decisions.

5. Sumo Logic

Location: California

Data analysis is continuous and Sumo Logic believes in it exactly. They specialize in providing real-time analytics through cloud-based platforms. Sumo Logic’s continuous intelligence platform is able to automate data collection, ingestion and analysis in a single platform to generate insights in no time. Its platform can serve multiple tenants across multiple use cases, for businesses to thrive in the rapidly changing data economy.

6. Data Bricks

Location: San Francisco

Databricks is a leader in unified data analytics that helps organizations organize and analyze their data on its Lakehouse platform. It enables data-driven and data-driven decisions across all verticals, all while accommodating machine learning and artificial intelligence in its methodologies. He has made significant breakthroughs in areas such as drug discovery, improving energy efficiency and accelerating financial markets by accelerating innovation. Databricks counts big-budget companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau, and Informatica among its customers.

7. Numerator

Location: Chicago

Numerator’s expertise is in providing market insights from data collected from retail outlets, e-commerce sites and big box stores. Thanks to this strategy, the company is able to analyze the habits and buying habits of its consumers.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to meld with first-party data from more than one million US homes to gain a comprehensive consumer perspective, which is a relatively difficult task in an industry that is slow to change.

8. SAS

Location: Chicago

SAS relies on statistical analysis to gain insights and thereby derive value from the data generated by its activities. For example, in the case of Volvo Trucks, they applied advanced analytics and sensor data to predict maintenance issues to address downtime issues.

9. Mu Sigma

Location: Illinois

Mu Sigma is the world’s largest pure play big data analytics and decision science company. They’ve worked with over 140 Fortune 500 companies through an ecosystem that brings people together. Mu Sigma has an established and institutionalized approach to decision making, designed to accelerate the pace of change that businesses are seeing. They call it “New Art of Problem Solving”, where they strive to provide a combination of art and science on a grand scale. They have been recognized by Walmart as Vendor of the Year and Preferred Analytics Partner by Microsoft.

10. Nuagera

Location: California

Cloudera is a cloud-based data analytics company that believes in the power to make data-driven decisions. They help make complex data actionable to derive insights that enable businesses to make actionable business decisions.

Powered by the relentless innovation of an open source community, it provides an enterprise data cloud for all data, anywhere, from edge to AI.

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