‘Weigh’: Dasvi actor Nimrat Kaur shares weight-loss story with a hard-hitting message for everyone

Dasvi actress Nimrat Kaur shared a 1000 word post about her weight loss journey. She has revealed she gained 30 pounds for the role of ‘Bimla Devi’ in Dasvi. “The idea was to be as unrecognizable and physically dissimilar as possible to be ‘Nimrat,'” the 40-year-old actress says in her social media post.

She writes that she started “enjoying the process of becoming Bimla” until she was judged far too much for the transformation.

Bimla or Bimmo is one of the main characters of Dasvi, a social comedy that premiered on April 7th on Netflix and JioCinema. The film also has Abhishek Bachchan as Ganga Ram Chaudhury, the Chief Minister of the fictional state of Harit Pradesh and Yami Gautam as IPS Jyoti Deswal.

Derogatory remark, inappropriate joke, or just unsolicited advice

“Occasionally, when I saw myself eating high-calorie meals that were already a few sizes larger, some people around me felt like they had a right to comment on what they thought they were doing wrong. It would be a snide remark, an inappropriate joke, or just unsolicited advice on what to eat rather than a dessert I thoroughly enjoyed. That voyeuristic license and justifiable permission is what came to the fore,” she wrote.

“Makes my larger-than-average body and/or meal their business”

“I have not always intentionally explained the ‘why’ behind my looks or my consumption. But I have always observed the ease with which people made my ‘bigger than usual’ body and/or my meal their business. I could’ sick, on medication, struggling with hormonal issues, or just very happy to eat and be me, no matter the size,” writes of the trolls.

She mentions in her post that just minding your own business is non-negotiable.

“Having come full circle on this journey and back to my physical self, today I have literally learned how not to let an outside perspective dictate my relationship with myself. I’m sharing this to add to the larger dialogue about how we could all do it with more mindfulness, sensitivity and empathy, especially towards those who don’t fit the myopic, pigeonholed prototype of what is the “norm” of them expected—whether it’s too dark, too thin, too short, too thick, or even each of those scolding standards from the lens of conditioning that they come from. Realize that everything they say and observe is a reflection of a mindset. Not who they see,” she ends her post, sending a tough catchphrase message for everyone: Be kind. Be empathetic. Be graceful. Don’t make someone’s day worse if you can’t make it better. To be responsible. Just make your mind and body your business. Nobody else.

Nimrat’s post comes a day after she was trolled on social media. A Twitter user shared a picture of Nimrat from Kapil Sharma’s show, where she wore a black dress with a plunging neckline. His tweet reads: “Ladies, I really want to know what purpose such outfits serve exactly when it comes to attracting men, then why?” If not to attract men, then why? It is a very serious question and not a bait, please tell me what is the real purpose to show cleavage? Please.

These incidents draw attention to the gender insensitivity that is being massively and blindly propagated on social media. Trolling celebrities for their looks, looks and physical being is not new. No matter how much we promote common sense, female actors are always seen through the misogynistic lens.

Recently, Richa Chadha opened up about her “healthy” weight loss journey, in which she placed more emphasis on the healthy aspect of her life than on beauty ideals.


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