What Remedy Entertainment Can Learn From Max Payne 3 For Remakes

After ten long years since his last game, Max Payne finally makes his return. Remedy Entertainment announced earlier this month that it is remaking both the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The effort will be funded and published by Rockstar Games, while development will be conducted solely by Remedy Entertainment, just like the original. Max Payne and Max Payne 2 have been. Production is still in its early stages, but Remedy mentioned that the remakes will be made using the company’s Northlight game engine – the same engine used to make its 2019 hit. Control.


While the remakes aren’t exactly a full-fledged sequel to Max pay 3 fans have been waiting, any kind of news regarding the former detective is more than welcome. It’s been quite a while since Max pay 3 was released in 2012, but the game has aspects that hold up quite well. If Remedy Entertainment wants to do Max Payne happy fans, things have to be taken into account Max pay 3 was right and wrong.

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Max Payne works best in a black frame

Max Payne 3 in a drunk suppor in his room

The majority of Max pay 3 takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil – a country known for its crowds, cramped spaces and sunny weather. The setting is a far cry from the dark, seedy New York streets of the previous two games, which is what Rockstar Studios had in mind. Max pay 3. The idea was to make Max feel like a fish out of water; someone who doesn’t speak the language and who finds it difficult to fit in with the younger foreign clientele. While the setting worked in the context of Max Payne 3 story, that’s not where Max thrives.

Max fits in best in an environment where people are sparse and the weather is gloomy. This reflects his dark mental state – one that constantly doubts himself and looks at the darker side of life. Since Remedy Entertainment is working on remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2, it should have no trouble showcasing the black backdrops of the games. Both games take place primarily in a nighttime New York city and feature less than favorable weather (it always seems to be snowing or raining in Max Payne Games). Bringing Max back to his element will not only make him feel more comfortable, but allow fans to appreciate where the series began.

Emphasis on storytelling and characterization

Max Payne 3 New York

While Max is the star of the show, he needs other people to bounce back to show off his character. Max pay 3 allies like Raul Passos and Giovanna complement Max’s dark cynicism with their jokes and upbeat outlook on life. Considering they’re both younger than Max and haven’t been through the things he’s been through, their determination and willingness to see things through is a good antithesis to easy going. with which Max seems to give up. They push him to change, and by the end of the game, his companions make Max a better man. Max’s opponents should also be compelling. Villains like Victor Branco have a depth and complexity that makes them unforgettable. They make Max wonder who his allies are and what lows a person will sink to get what they want.

The story surrounding these characters should be equally captivating. Since Remedy Entertainment already has a plan for the first two games, it could take the main stories from both games and flesh them out even more. Since most games work with a deadline, some story beats inevitably had to be cut from the original. Max Payne and Max Payne 2. These remakes are an opportunity for Remedy Entertainment to refine this cut content and add it back to the game in a way that improves the overall package.

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Action sequences must be playable

Max-Payne-3-Trailer-Announcement game

While narrative is important, Remedy Entertainment needs to keep in mind that people are playing Max Payne games for action as much as black history. Max pay 3 includes this by allowing players to control all sections in which Max uses a gun. There are the hallway shoot segments that tie the story together, but there are also times when Max PayneThe narrative must fit into the gameplay. For these headings, Max pay 3 seamlessly cuts gameplay from cutscenes. Whether it’s Max jumping out of a window with every firefight or hanging precariously from a helicopter, players must be in control of every gun battle, big or small.

Classic elements are welcome

Max Payne 3 1911 close up

Max pay 3 modernized many elements of the first two Max Payne games to adapt them to the then current generation of games. There are these cinematic action sequences that mix gameplay and storytelling. A cover system was put in place to give players some breathing room during the entire shoot. Painkillers, Max’s go-to healing item, have made a comeback as the only method of restoring health. Even Max himself was given more weight to point out how old and deformed he is.

Elements of the past Max Payne games like painkillers and shooting sequences have been well received in Max pay 3 not just because they were iconic, but because they worked well in the context of the game. Considering Max’s age, it makes sense that he needed painkillers to numb any injuries he suffered in battle. Likewise, the sluggishness of combat and reliance on cover shows how he’s no longer as snappy and enthusiastic as he used to be. Remedy Entertainment can take liberties with the classic Max Payne elements, but it has to do it in a way they feel is appropriate for a title coming out these days. Since he makes games that are more than a decade apart Max pay 3Remedy may need to make some changes to adapt new games to today’s expectations.

Ball time must be included

Max Payne 3 Review Bullet Time

Last but not least, there is bullet time – the defining characteristic of the Max Payne series. Max pay 3 used bullet time as a way to help players line up their shots while reducing the amount of damage taken. The days when he could confidently jump and shoot enemies while remaining unscathed were long gone. In this game, the best way to use bullet time in a game scenario would be from cover, where Max could shoot bad guys without fear of taking damage. Bullet time would also automatically activate during certain cinematic scenarios and during gunfights to indicate when the final enemy has been taken care of.

Not adding bullet time in the remakes would be doing fans new and old a disservice. Given that Max is younger in the first two games, this would be a great time to bring the guns back to your hips feeling like the players could do sparingly in Max pay 3. There’s nothing quite like walking into a room full of baddies and taking them all out at once in a single dive. When combined with the refined bullet time mechanics of Max pay 3, players will be able to relive the feeling of their first shootdodge they experienced all those years ago. These are just some of the things Remedy Entertainment could take away from Rockstar Studios. Max pay 3. The gaming landscape has changed drastically since then, so the company needs to carefully consider which elements of the game still work and which don’t.

Max Payne remakes are currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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