Why UNSW is Australia’s top university for building successful entrepreneurs

People at UNSW know how to build. UNSW was originally established to meet Australia’s need for a university specializing in the education of highly qualified engineers and technology professionals.

Since then we have grown into a comprehensive university, but we have kept in our DNA the important truth that the value of an idea is how we put it into practice.

So it was no surprise when The Australian ranked UNSW as Australia’s number one university for producing successful entrepreneurs.

The ranking, published this week in Research Magazine 2023, ranked universities by the number of venture capital-backed startups founded by their graduates, adjusted for the size of the university. UNSW was the clear winner with an impressive 105 VC-funded founders per 100,000 graduates over the past 10 years. UNSW also has the highest raw number of graduate founders who have received VC funding – 143 in the past decade.

The Australian’s ranking starts from the back PitchBook’s annual university ranking last week. After analyzing data from 144,000 VC-backed founders, UNSW was identified as #1 in Australia for total capital raised and #2 (#84 globally) for most founders and startups in 2022.

With a whopping $5.6 billion in capital raised by UNSW startups, Rocket Internet led the charge with $1.1 billion, Xendit with $535 million, followed by Rokt with $487 million. Dollar. At UNSW Founders, earlier this year we had the privilege of hosting an exclusive “Ask Me Anything” session with Xendit Co-Founder and CEO Moses Lo (read about it here).

UNSW also recently recorded the highest number of new spinouts (value-creating companies formed through the licensing or transfer of university intellectual property) Launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2021 and 2022. Knowledge Commercialization Australia’s Survey of Commercialization Outcomes from Public Research (SCOPR) reports that UNSW boasted 10 new spinouts in 2021.

Collectively, the 43 Australian universities in the SCOPR generated $250 million in research exploitation revenue last year and made a positive impact on society in a variety of technologies, from life sciences to medtech, IT and engineering solutions.

Six startups led by UNSW researchers:

  • EnerJin Pty Ltd NJ Ekins-Daukes
  • Infinity Avionics Pty Ltd Igor Dimitrijevic
  • OLIM RESEARCH Pty Ltd Bill Walsh
  • CHELTech Pty Ltd SeanSmith
  • RadioDynamic Therapeutics Inc. Eve Goldis
  • Zyteum Pty Ltd joe dong

Four others based on UNSW technology:

  • Kandui Technologies Pty Ltd Veena Sahajwalla’s Green Pottery
  • Vesi Group Pty Ltd Rakesh Joshi and Graphene Oxide
  • LM Plus Pty Ltd Kurosh Kalantar Zadeh
  • Healthy@Home Pty Ltd Branko Cellar

UNSW’s spin-off rate in 2021 doubles that of 2020 and speaks to the impact of the university’s tireless work to inculcate an entrepreneurial ethos in our students, staff and alumni.

UNSW has always been a powerful institution at the forefront of research and discovery. Our students, researchers, entrepreneurs and graduates pave the way to the future with their innovations. The university focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial and innovative culture that helps turn ideas into reality better than any other higher education institution in Australia.

IEspecially with accelerating the complex and sometimes arduous journey of bringing brilliant ideas to market and commercializing research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and technology to improve life around the world. Here at UNSW Founders, our sole mission is to embed entrepreneurship on campus and to help UNSW students, staff and alumni build entrepreneurial skills, start and grow real businesses.

In 2022 alone, the companies founded by UNSW’s founders have raised $23.4 million, with a total of $110 million raised since 2018.

UNSW Founders is Australia’s most comprehensive university entrepreneurship programme. We offer support to entrepreneurs who take their ideas from curiosity to a fast-growing startup. Since 2018 we have backed over 600 startups and funded over 70 of them through our flagship seed funded venture 10x Accelerator programs.

A quarter was announced just last month Australia’s 100 Best Innovators were affiliated with UNSW.

This message came from behind The Australian’s report that UNSW has been classified the best university ever for aspiring entrepreneurs with ~100 startup founders raising VC funding.

For more information on UNSW Founders, visit click here.

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