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As part of an effort to encourage networking and mentoring among women, BC-D Impacts held a conference encouraging women to create opportunities to relax together and share about issues that affect them.

The theme of the three-day conference, titled Exhale 2.0, recently held in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, was “Borderless”.
During the event, BC-D Impacts Chief Executive Officer and conference organizer Olabisi Duduyemi said the forum creates opportunities for women to rejuvenate their minds, souls and bodies.

Duduyemi described the Exhale Conference as a powerful initiative that has produced outstanding results.
“It’s very clear that many women leaders need the support and network to get through and go far,” she said.

The event was attended by over 25 female CEOs, top executives and dignitaries from all walks of life across the country, who shared their personal challenges and achievements to encourage one another.
“Any woman who is confident in herself will definitely find it important to help another woman lift. A woman who is aware of the fact that her purpose in being is not just herself will strive to help others,” Duduyemi noted.

According to her, BC-D Impacts’ mandate is to impact lives, especially women, by developing role models in various fields.
She found that women who believe in themselves are more confident in expressing themselves in all walks of life.

Duduyemi also advised women in abusive and unhealthy relationships to reassess their paths, saying, “My heart goes out to women who are currently in abusive and unhealthy relationships. The starting point is an adequate support system; Women generally need safe places where they can relieve themselves. Every woman needs the right inner circle. Women also need to get rid of WWPS (What Will People Say) Syndrome. It is your life; You remain responsible for it at the end of the day.
“Thus, women in abusive relationships can redefine their path as they fit into the right circle, distance themselves from toxicity, consciously live life to the fullest, and make their challenges stepping stones.”

Treasures Uchegbu from the SpeakingFingers Network also stressed that women should not neglect the people with disabilities around them.
“Promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities means recognizing and protecting their rights,” she said.
Uchegbu explained that women have no limits and can do anything they put their minds to.
For her part, Mayowa Babalola, a pharmacist and community health and social leader, advised women to be aware of their health conditions.
“Eat right by eating more vegetables and fruits, exercising, taking supplements, and getting a good rest,” she said.

Babalola observed that caring for the family overwhelms most women and sometimes makes them forget themselves.
She urged participants with sensitive medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, to check their health frequently and take their medication conscientiously.

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